Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 2 of the Eating From The Pantry Challenge

Week 2 finds me with a pretty bare refrigerator and empty cabinets. The masses are clambering for food! We made it through the first week with no problems. The second week is another story. Maybe I don't have as much food stored up as I thought. It is definitely going to be a challenge to stay at $400 for groceries this month. I keep trying to think of what I want to spend the extra $250 that I should have leftover from our grocery budget. There are so many things I could spend it on. I think, I will end up spending it stocking up on some good deal next month. I also want to use some of it towards so organic foods, replenish my cleaning supplies(essential oils, Dr Bronner's soaps, etc) as well as some herbs for teas. Here is what we will be eating for Week 2:

pancakes, cereal, toast or bagels

same as last week

Waffles with fruit
Individual Pizzas and salads
Scrambled eggs or eggs and sausage muffin

goldfish, vanilla wafers,cookies, smoothies, fruit

For more menu planning ideas visit I'm an Organizing Junkie here.

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