Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eating From the Pantry Challenge- Week 4 (almost)

It is just about the last week of the Eating From the Pantry Challenge and thank god for that! I am scrambling for lunches and snacks for the boys. I have decided not to buy any more lunch meat and they can't have peanut butter at their school because of the number of kids that have peanut allergies. I do a happy dance anytime I see they are going to buy their lunch at the school. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated! I tried a recipe for homemade graham crackers and not one of my kids would even try them. Tonight we made homemade vanilla wafer cookies. The general consensus was that they were yummy. I also made pizza bites. Basically I used our regular pizza dough recipe, rolled it out in a square, made half a white pizza and half a regular pizza. I then cut it into smaller pieces and rolled them up. I then brushed them with a little olive oil and sprinkled Parmesan cheese on top. I did have some problems rolling them up and pinching the ends to stay closed. They certainly don't look like the frozen kind you can buy but I know exactly what is in them! No one had any complaints eating them at dinner. I also dug out a package of gluten free pizza dough for me. I made a white pizza with a little basil and tomatoes for me. I guess these recipes have been the extent of my creativeness this month (besides the chicken soup). It is really hard to be creative when your kids refuse to eat much. Lately, I feel it is a fight every meal to get them to eat. My middle kid has been especially picky this month. He has gone a few nights not eating anything at all because I refuse to give him a separate meal. He did tell me he would be willing to eat applesauce, cut up apples or french fries! Let's cross our fingers and hope this is a stage!

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