Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last Week of Eat From the Pantry Challenge

Alright - the last week is here and all I can say is thank god! We went over our $400 a week budget but not by much. I want to try and keep our grocery budget to $500 a month for the next two months. Here is what we will be eating this week:

Choice of cereal, toast or bagels
Boys: Cheese and crackers, PBJ sandwiches, leftovers
Me: salads
Steve Soup and salads
Hamburgers(using my new slider grill!)
london broil
leftovers 2Xs

I am glad that this month is just about over and I am still left with money leftover. Price Chopper has some fab deals on meat and I am going to use some of the leftover money to stock up on that.

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