Sunday, January 31, 2010

Freezer Cooking - Day 2

Another day to cook. Unfortunately I have no energy at this point. I am hoping I will hit my stride later today. We have lunch at my parents and then I am hoping to get some cooking in after that. Here is my list for today:

Vanilla Wafer cookies 2xs
Pancakes 4xs
Pizza Pockets
Finish up the Bone Broth

My bone broth has been simmering for about 15 hours and as soon as it cools a bit, I am going to strain it. I'll keep some aside for this week and the rest I will freeze. Pancakes are up for our dinner tonight so I can just make a lot of extras and freeze for breakfasts. Vanilla wafer cookies will hopefully get done later this afternoon. I also still have my usual Sunday night chores of getting things ready for the week. I do want to boil up a few eggs for lunches for me and I was hoping to make some fresh juice for Steve. What a busy day! Plus, the downstairs still needs a cleaning and laundry has to be folded and put away. Thank god for Steve who actually does the laundry for all of us!

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