Monday, October 5, 2009

No TV Week

We are on our second day of no TV for the week. I have become very frustrated with the amount of TV my children will watch if allowed. I have always tried to limit it but it seems to have gotten easier to let them turn it on. My oldest son, especially does not hear ANYTHING when he is watching TV and I really feel he has stopped playing because of all of the TV he watches. Starting Sunday, I made this week "TV free week". Yesterday was a bit hard but we got through it. There were many times where it seemed easier to give in and let them watch TV but I stuck to my guns and we made it. After dinner the whole family, instead of turning on the TV, went outside and played a game of freeze tag. This evening, after dinner, my oldest son had some trouble finding something to do even with all of my suggestions. He did finally become involved in a board game with his brothers and they played together so nicely!!! I am sure the rest of the week will work out just as well. Wish us luck!

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