Saturday, October 24, 2009

Grocery Shopping

Alright I blew it this week! I spent way over my $125 grocery budget. I did get good prices on things but I also spent more than I wanted. I did go to 2 different stores, Price Chopper and Walmart, and I did have to buy some bigger purchases this week. I had to buy wipes, pull ups, cat food, cat litter, yard bags, and Ziploc bags. These items, even with coupons, cost me over $55! I also had to buy some things for our big birthday party this week and I did have extra money set aside for that but everything starts to add up!!! My biggest expense has been snacks for the kids. I don't think I buy expensive snacks but what I do buy adds up and the kids go right through them! I definitely need some ideas for cheap, HEALTHY snacks that my boys like! I need to get back to some baking like muffins and cookies to put in their lunchboxes and to have on hand for snack time. All in all I spent a total of $225! I now have $30 left for the month with a week until the end of the month. We can do it!

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