Saturday, October 3, 2009

Grocery Shopping

I did pretty good with grocery shopping this week.. I have decided not bore anyone with the actual specifics of everything I purchased but I will include good deal I got. I got a box of Fiber One bars at Walmart for $2.68 plus a $1 off coupon. I did go to Walmart and Price Chopper this week. I spent a total of $109.64. I did not get everything I needed so I will have to make another trip out tomorrow for some basics but I am sure I can get everything I need for $20 or less. Price Chopper does have a double coupon special running but you need to get a Price Chopper double coupon to get the special. They were in the newspaper this past Thursday but there were only 2. I did think about buying extra papers but never followed through with that. Oh well, another time. I will post my final weekly tally tomorrow.

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