Sunday, October 11, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

Alright another week another menu. Another crazy week for us! I do have to say that since I started menu planning, we have really cut down on wasting food and eating out! It is a great way to keep me on track.


Breakfast - pancakes or mini bagels

Lunch - turkey or pb sandwiches

Dinner - meatloaf, mash potatoes


Breakfast - cereal or mini bagels

Lunch - turkey or pb

Dinner - left over from last night


Breakfast - cereal or toast
Lunch- turkey or pb

Dinner - raviolis


Breakfast - toast or mini pancakes

Lunch - turkey or pb

Dinner - My oldest son's birthday! He gets to chose the meal and hasn't yet decided on what he wants.


Breakfast - mini bagels or toast

Lunch - turkey or pb

Dinner - smoked sausage

Saturday - NYC trip all meals will be eaten out but I will pack some snacks and drinks for the road.


Breakfast cereal or toast

Lunch - ??
Dinner - roasted chicken

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