Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Grocery Shopping Trip

I need a few staples today so I decided to make the trip my weekly shopping trip. This way I won't have to go out again this weekend. Again, I won't bore you with the specifics but I did get some great deals and I saved almost $80! Price Chopper was running a few good B1G1 free deals so I stocked up on a few things. I got four loaves of Freihofer's breads and got 4 free. I got 2 packages of Pede raviolis and got 2 free. I got a bag of Thomas' mini bagels and got 1 free. I also got 10 boxes of Barilla pasta at 10/$10 plus a $1 off 10 coupon. Nice. All in all, I think I am just about set with my stockpile. My freezers are just about full and my cupboards are bursting! It is a nice feeling. I have also earned .40 off my next gas fill-up.

As for my grocery budget, I decided to track the monthly spending, not weekly spending. I have just over $260 left for the month out of $600 so I think I am good. I will certainly still try to bring it in under an average of $125 a week.

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