Saturday, September 26, 2009

Menu Plan

Here is our menu for the week of 9/27-10/1. For more menus check out here

Since I am still new at this menu planning, I have only included the main dishes for lunch and dinner. as I get better at it, I will have a more detailed account of each meal! Each dinner usually has a vegetable, fruit and some sort of carb. Lunches usually involve yogurt, fruit, and something crunchy (pretzels), and a dessert (cookie or granola bar)

muffin tops or mini bagels
Chicken thighs in crockpot, potatoes

Cereal or mini bagels
The boys and I have the day off so I don't have to pack lunches but I am stuck. Maybe we will eat out.
Leftovers from Sunday
Hubby teaches at local college so he will not be in attendance for dinner

cereal or mini bagels
Turkey or PB sandwiches for kids
London broil

cereal or mini bagels
turkey or PB sandwiches for kids
Soccer practice so dinner must be quick

Toast or Mini bagels
Turkey or PB sandwiches for kids
Leftovers from Tuesday

Cereal or toast
Turkey or PB sandwiches for kids
No me tonight - I am going to the Warrensburgh, NY garage sale! - I am thinking Hot Dogs and Mac and Cheese for the boys!

Sat - depends on what I end up buying at the grocery store Thursday.


  1. Welcome to MPM! Your plan looks good!

  2. welcome to the MPM crew!Yummy week. Planning really changed m kitchen for the better. Hope it helps you too!