Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grocery Shopping Trip Part II

Price Chopper

Here is what I purchased at Price Chopper for this week:

2 Arm and Hammer Detergent - B1G1 Free
13 Yoplait yogurts
4 Friehoefers hearty breads - B1G1 Free
2 Betty Crocker Chocolate chip muffin mixes
3 lbs Bananas
3 Lean Cuisines frozen entrees
Price Chopper brand nuts
Price Chopper brand animal crackers
Price Chopper brand chocolate animal crackers
2 Price Chopper brand ice cream cones - B1G1 free
12 pack Capri Sun juice boxes
3 Birds Eye stream frozen vegetables
4 pack of Yo crunch yogurt
1 gallon Clear value milk
1 gallon Price Chopper brand milk
Price Chopper brand pretzel rods
Purina One dog food- 18 lb bag
Yoplait gogurt
Trix yogurt 6 pack
6 Campbell Select Harvest canned soups
Price Chopper brand flour
Sunmaid raisins
Price Chopper brand 6 individual applesauce
Colgate toothpaste for kids
Price Chopper brand oatmeal
Deli Cut Turkey lunch meat
2 lbs granny smith apples
2 pack vacuum cleaner bags

Total before Member advantage savings: 155.37
Coupons: -$12.04
Advantage savings: -$35.91
Total out of pocket spent: $107.42

This brings my weekly grocery bill to $131.57 but I did earn .30c off my next gas fill up! I now have $39.28 left for the month with only a few days left. I did budget $150 a week; the first 2 weeks I was over budget and the last two weeks I was under budget so I guess I am still on average at $150 a week. I definitely am going to shoot for $125 a week next month!

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