Thursday, February 4, 2010

A day in the life of....ME

Working outside of the home is very hard. You not only have a lot of responsibilities at work, you still need to try and balance the family life. Many people choose to have one parent stay at home, while other families, mine included, just can't afford that option. There are days when I feel I will not make it through one more day and other days where I just love having two jobs, work and home! As a teacher, I do get to experience the best of both worlds and couldn't pull off the school year without the assistance of my husband. But until those lazy days of summer are here, I run my butt off. So - just to give people an idea of what my day is like, I have decided to give everyone a peak into the craziness that is my day to day life. (Just in case you are curious)
  • 5:30 - Wake up to the annoying alarm clock to realize my husband and I are not alone in the bed. We have been joined by 2 of our 3 boys at some point during the night. My youngest is actually completely naked! (He had wet his bed during the night. Being the very thoughtful child that he is, he stripped off all of his clothes and climbed into bed with us. He didn't even wake us up!)
  • 6:30 - out the door with my youngest carrying at least 4 bags and whatever toys my son feels he can't live without.
  • 7:10 - Drop off youngest at babysitter's - race to get to work
  • 7:30 - 3:00 work - out out at lunch to run some errands, must eat lunch in hurried bites between classes
  • 3:00 - leave work right on time
  • 3:15 pick up youngest at babysitter's and go get older two at their school which is 25 minutes away
  • 3:45- drag youngest into the older kids' school and pick up older two and race to get to doctor's which is 15 minutes away, give kids animal crackers in the car so they won't be cranky
  • 415 - Miracle - we get to the doctor's office on time AND get in to see him on time!
  • 4:45 - finish with doctor's appointment - head for home
  • 5:30 - get dinner on the table (children hate dinner and begin to complain) Daddy home!
  • At some point the complaining has stopped, some kids choose to eat, others will have to wait until breakfast! - time to get older 2 boys working on homework, maybe start some Valentine's cards?
  • Dad is in charge of finishing homework, play time, clean up kitchen and bedtime - I leave to run errands; return library books, pick up prescription at one store, grocery shopping at another(turns out to be quite relaxing and QUIET!)
  • 8:00 - errands done -go home and unpack groceries (youngest 2 make their way downstairs and chat with me while I put the last few groceries away)
  • Back to bed - find Husband and oldest son passed out in our bed.
  • 8:30 - everyone in bed, including Daddy - downstairs straighten up kitchen (not really needed since Daddy did this), pack lunches and bags for next day, spend some time on computer
  • 8:45 - Youngest comes downstairs to tell me he needs to use the bathroom - send him to the bathroom but he did not get there in time - send him upstairs to wake up Daddy and have Daddy help him get new pjs
  • Get clothes ready for next day(this could comprises of checking to see what is least dirty and wrinkled, depending on energy level!) Tonight, I iron a pair of pants.
  • 9:00 - youngest downstairs AGAIN to tell me he needs me - take him back upstairs, threaten to close his door if he gets out of bed again.
  • 9:15 - Check on oldest two - one asleep - oldest playing his DS. Give lecture to oldest the he is not allowed to play the DS in bed on a school night. Lecture, apparently not appreciated, oldest gets ticked.
  • 9:20 Finish up downstairs, take dog out one last time
  • 9:45 - Night time bathroom routine
  • 10:00 - Fall into bed, asleep in with minutes (and I use to have insomnia!)
Exciting isn't it! Exhausting more like it but it is our life for now.


  1. This is a great post. I’m glad it was bumped. Otherwise I would’ve missed these very useful information.


  2. That sounds wild! I don't see how working moms do it. Summers off are nice though. My husband is a teacher and we all look forward to slow summers.