Monday, December 7, 2009

Recipes and ramblings

I have been trying out some recipes on the family lately, much to their horror! I tried 2 different homemade macaroni and cheese recipes last week. I felt both were delicious, my husband only liked the first one and my kids thought I was trying to poison them! They actually requested the "Orange kind"! Here are the links for the recipes:
Macaroni and Cheese Recipe 1
Macaroni and Cheese Recipe 2

I also cooked up some brown sugar twists. Again, my husband and I thought they were fabulous - my kids not so much! I found a recipe for breakfast hot pockets. My oldest son loves eggs and I thought this would make a great, healthy, fast breakfast. I presented the idea to him, even suggested he help make them with me, his answer... a big NO THANK YOU MOMMY.

Whenever I read the various money saving, frugal living blogs, it never amazes me what these kids eat! Beans and rice, vegetables, stews, baked potato bars,foods my kids would never take a "no thank you" bite of. Are my kids the only kids like this? I make every effort to serve some different foods every few days and we insist the kids take a "No thank you" bite before they decided they aren't going to eat it. It drives me crazy!

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