Monday, March 15, 2010

Working Mama Mondays


Maybe of us have many many unwanted, unnecessary items hanging around. I know we have our share and then some of items that are taking up space. I wanted to unload some of these items but don't want to have a garage sale. Garage sales take a lot of time and effort to have and I don't have any extra time or energy to have one. Enter Craigslist. Without leaving the comfort of my home, I sold three items this weekend - a floor length mirror, a wooden train table, and a booster chair. I love Craigslist!

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  1. I like Freecycle too but if you're looking for a little $$, Craigslist is definitely the way to go! When I moved to be with my (now) husband, I sold everything (that I was selling) on Craigslist. However, if you ever have any books to get rid of, I highly recommend